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About Me

I am currently a 4th-year Computer Science student at the University of the Pacific. During my four years at the University of the Pacific, I have gained experience in Python, Java, C, C++, R, SQL, and NoSql. I am a hardworking and open-minded person that is willing to learn and put myself in a position to help the team to the best of my abilities.


Education and Skills

Relevant Coursework

  • COMP 51: Introduction to Computer Science
  • COMP 53: Data Structures
  • COMP 55: Application Developement
  • COMP 47: Discrete Math
  • ECPE 71: Digital Design
  • COMP 141: Programming Languages
  • COMP 173: Operating Systems
  • COMP 147: Computing Theory
  • COMP 157: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • ECPE 170: Computer System and Networks
  • COMP 137: Parallel Computing
  • COMP 163: Database Management Systems
  • COMP 41: Great Ideas in Computing


Feb 2018 - Aug 2018

Court Monitor and Snack Bar Specialist

Developed Communications skills while resolving customer issues Worked in team environment to ensure guest safety and satisfaction

Sky High Sports

My Skills


Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, Javam R, Haskell, Swift, MIPS, SQL, NoSQL

Learn More

IDE, Version Control, and Others

Github, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, Pycharm,, Windows, macOS, Linux, Unity, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


English and Vietnamese


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Super Mario Run

A Fun side-scrolling platformer written in Java based on the original Super Mario Run game.

Sep. 2019-Dec. 2019

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Crossword Game

Designed and developed crossword puzzle game via Bitbucket. Utilized pointers to store and manage addresses of dynamically allocated memory of two dimensional arrays in C. Manipulated file I/O and strings to promote versatility.

Jan 2020- Feb 2020

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Performance Optimization

Measuring the performance of computer memory system under different apllication behavior patterns. Wrote Bash Scripts in order to test algorithm of matrix programs for various array sizes

March 2020

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Interpreter for Small Imperative Languages

Programmed scanner that processes secries of characters from modifidable text file. Design and implemented parser that takes in a seriries of tokens to create abstract syntax trees from set of grammer. Built evaluator that takes abstract syntax trees and retyrns final evaluation.

Sep. 2019-Dec. 2019

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My Contact Details

  • Email Hungle546@gmail.com
  • Phone 408-504-2736